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We are a premium partner for SME and other entities located in Portugal. We provide services regarding Technology, Internet, Web Services and Advertising.

We offer unique conditions of protection for investments in technology. Our solutions are targeted for the everyday life of companies, organizations and professionals.

Our customers always find structured solutions that enable a sustained increase of their results and give more visibility to their business or professional activity.

Disclaimer notice.
We changed the format of our previous website because HTTPS was not supported by the Telnic® control panel. Our card is using the previous background as a "featured image" in form of recognition for its special format and because the previous format was active in "pulsaris.tel" for more than 11 years (between April, 2009 and May, 2020). The background photo of New York City doesn't belong to us and it's incorporated on the Telnic® features, but the photo stills gives us a nostalgic feeling and bring back memories from the first time we managed this particular domain service with all its early features. All ".tel" domains have a distinctive character and they are available for subscription through our domain registry services, now with all the full advantages of modern Internet domains.

By indication of this user, this card has only a front side face.